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Dr. T.D. Amipaís Tibetan Herb, spice and fruit tea mixtures
Developed according to original Tibetan tradition

Dr. Amipaís Tibetan product line contains blesses essences of HH the 14th Dalai Lama, HH the late 16th Gyalwa Karmapa as well as HH the 41st Saya Trizin and many of his ancestors. These highly potent, blessed essences reinforce and intensify the effect of the tea.

Available in drug stores, chemistís shops, health food stores and EPD advice centres

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Dr. Amipaís Tibetan Product Line consists of a rich variety of supreme and natural ingredients such as herbal-, spices- and fruitextracts which have been mixed together with the utmost care.

Instructions for use:
The easily digestible herbal teas can be sweetened to taste with sugar or honey (with the exception of Body Tea). Regular courses of tea treatment are highly recommended and contribute to an improved feeling of well-being. These aromatic tea mixtures are extremely refreshing and beneficial both in the summer months and in winter.






body.jpg (31842 Byte) Body Tea
- supports dietary and cleansing cures
- also recommended in combination with Day Tea and Meal Tea


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family.jpg (19008 Byte) Family Tea
- stimulates the appetite
- strengthens the sensory organs

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meal.jpg (22519 Byte) Meal Tea
- for general well-being - regulates imbalances
- natural aperitif/bitters
- frequent belching, bad breath
- regenerates stagnating heat
- balances Lung/Tripa/Begen complaints

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lady.jpg (19397 Byte) Lady Tea
- harmonising
- before and after menstruation
- relieves discomfort
- equalises imbalances

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evening.jpg (19864 Byte) Evening Tea
- nervousness, tension
- difficulty in sleeping
- nightmares, stress
- revitalisation
- when under pressure due to examinations and the need to work harder
- regulates Lung-problems

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four season.jpg (20307 Byte) Four Season Tea
- revitalises bodily warmth and heat
- regenerates
- increases strength
- invigorating, alleviating, beneficial
- neutralises Begen-complaints

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day.jpg (13047 Byte) Day Tea
- cleanses
- refreshes and revitalises
- regulative
- stress-relieving

- strengthens the energetic system
- revitalises the bodyís energies
- stabilises Tripa- complaints

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 responsible for marketing+distribution of Dr. Amipa Teas: Hepart AG, CH/Tägerwilen

Distribution for Germany:
Unisan GmbH, Martin Schleyerstr. 28
D-78465 Konstanz, Germany
Telephone 0800 101 4037
Fax 0800 101 4038
eMail: info@unisan.de
Distribution for Austria:
Biofit I Brenner. Körblergasse 62, P.O. Box
A-8010 Graz, Austria
Telephone 346 36 95 15
Fax 316 35 17 76

Manufacturer/Distribution for Switzerland
Hepart AG
Products in harmony with nature
P.O. Box 27, Hauptstr. 137
CH-8274 Tägerwilen/Switzerland
Telephone 071/666 86 00
Fax 071/666 86 10
eMail: info@hepart.ch
Global Distribution

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