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Dr. T.Amipa
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Mrs Soyang Amipa-Desam ist the wife and assistant to Dr. Amipa and simultaneously a professional translator (orally and written) for Classical Tibetan Medicine, Bouddhism and Culture, active all over Europe in the languages Tibetan, English, German, French and Spanish.

She has completed her studies in Cambridge/GB, Madrid/Spain at the Complutense University, in Paris at the renowned Sorbonne university and spent also a long period of voluntary practice at the Tibetan Childrens Village in Dharamsala/India which stands under the guidance of the younger sister of HH the Dalai Lama, Mrs. Jetsün Pemala.
Mrs Soyang Amipa has also studied during seminaries at the medical college for Tibetan Medicine in Dharamsala and is likewise a student of Dr. Amipa. She has a wide experience as she already has had the honour of translating to well-known lamas and renowned physicians etc.

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Tel. +41 55 640 9 640

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