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Dr. T.Amipa
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The Venerable Sakya Rinpoche Sherab Gyaltsen Amipa, the uncle of Dr. Amipa, is a renowned lama and scholar, with a rich teaching activity, and an author of several books on tibetan bouddhism. The Venerable Rinpoche is also founder and director of numerous institutes and centers all over Europe with many students, e.g. in Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Some of the book-titles:
Textbook of colloquial tibetan language
A waterdrop from the glorious sea 1976
The opening of the Lotus 1987
The rain of wisdom, compassion and power 1991


For further information:

The Ven. Sakya Rinpoche S.G. Amipa
Spiegelackerweg 93C
8486 Rikon/Switzerland