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logo.gif (10485 Byte) Explanation of the symbol

In the centre of the symbol is one of the most important medicinal plants in Tibetan pharmacology. Terminali chebula (myrobalan), which also embodies Tibetan Medical Science. The inner circle represents the primary cause of all illnesses,namely the so-called unenlightenment. The three fields in the circle symbolise the fruits of unenlightenment, namely the three mental poisons of hate, greed and ignorance, with their animal symbols, the snake, the bird and the pig. At the same time, they embody the physiological links between the mental poisons, namely the principal humoral fluids of "Lung, Tripa and Begen".

These fields likewise symbolise the main energy channels where the humoral fluids circulate, namely "Rho-ma, U-ma and Ghang-ma". This circle also interprets the close link between medicine and Buddhism, namely the circulation of the Samsara (lifecycles) with its re-incarnations and the wheel of Buddhism, the Dharma wheel. The medicinal plant in the centre symbolises the elimination of illnesses and their causes, and thus generates internal and external harmony. Likewise, the medicine Buddha carries this important, highly potent medicinal plant in his right hand.

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