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Die Essenz der Klassischen Tibetischen Medizin
Author: Dr. Tendhon Amipa-Desam
Publisher Ehrenwirth-Lübbe, Munich
Available in booktrade

ca. 150 pages
Format 145 x 210 mm, bound,
including many colourful illustrations
ISBN 3-431-04007-1

"Tibetan Medicine at first hand

Tibetan Medicine is as old as mankind itself and is regarded as the jewel of tibetan culture.

In the seclusion of this unique mountain world of Tibet this high-standing and thousands of years old science has remained uninfluenced up to this day. In Asia it is still practised in its pure original form and the achieved success also catches the attention of the countries in the western world. Tibetan art of healing is getting more and more importance.

This book, written by the first resident physician of Classical Tibetan Medicine in western Europe gives a deep glimpse into history and the possibilities of use in diagnosis and therapy of Tibetan Medicine. For the first time pulse diagnosis and urinary analysis are explained profoundly, not to speak of the alimentary science. On top of that the adviser also contains three sheets of questionnary with which the readers will be able to define their own constitutional type, an fundamental condition to be able to apply the principles of Classical Tibetan Medicine in a beneficial way."

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