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Dr. T.Amipa
CH - Glarus




terminalia.jpg (18957 Byte) Terminalia chebula

Taste: astringend and neutral
Potency: neutral
Indication: promotes digestion, regulates "Lung, Tripa and Begen" disorders as well as chronic "Lung" and kidney problems, diarrhoe etc.

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asparagus.jpg (17931 Byte) Asparagus sp.

Taste: bitter, astringend and sweet
Potency: warm
Indication: this medicinal plant increases the physical vigility and energy, reduces kidney pain as well as in the waist, beneficial in treating polyuria, allergical rashes, itching and diseases of serous fluids of cold nature.

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cassia.jpg (7608 Byte) Cassia fistula Linn.

Taste: sweet and lightly sharp
Potency: cool
Indication: smooth purgative effect, when suffering of liver problems as toxicity in liver and "Tripa" disorders, reduces swelling of limbs, deblocks constipation.

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hipophae.jpg (16482 Byte) Hippophae rhamnoides

Taste: sour
Potency: balanced, sharp and light
Indication: the medical plant is beneficial in treating lung diseases, blood coagulation, blood cysts, degenerative stomach and spleen functioning, healing effect for "Begen" disequilibriums.

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aconitum.jpg (21300 Byte) Aconitum heterophyllum

Taste: bitter
Potency: cool
Indication: antiseptic, analgetic, hot "Tripa"diseases, intestinal and bilirious fever and inflammations, contagious fever, antidote against snake and scorpion bites.

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